Whitley Neill Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin

Limited Edition


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  • Product Description

    This Limited Edition Whitley Neill Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin takes it influences from fond memories going back to a time when Johnny Neill and his family grew the sweetest and juiciest of Strawberries in their kitchen garden farm in a little place called Rockbeare, Devon, England. It's then they discovered a hint of black pepper allows the inherent sweetness of the strawberry to shine through stronger than ever. This combination of flavours works beautifully as a partnership with the Original botanicals in Whitley Neill Gin. Luscious strawberry sweetness balanced by a hint of cracked black pepper. (ABV 43%)
  • Signature Serve

    50ml Whitley Neill S&BP, 25ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice, 10ml Sugar Syrup, 4 Basil Leaves, 2 Chopped Strawberries

    All contents to a shaker with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with Basil leaf & Half strawberry rolled in black pepper

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