Collagin Gin


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  • Product Description

    Eleven delicate botanicals infuse each velvety drop, in a bewitching concoction of warm, earthy liquorice and floral notes of orris root, balanced by the clean taste of juniper and the gentle tang of fresh oranges. The original gin with added collagen. (ABV 40%)
  • Signature Serve

    50ml Collagin
    A handful of fluffy candy floss
    Sweet Rose Sparkling Wine

    Decorated cocktail sticks long enough to reach across the top of your glass.

    1. Pour one measure of pink gin into each of two vintage champagne glasses.
    2. Top up with sparkling rose wine, but not quite to the top.
    3. Get your cocktail stick and spear a bunch of fluffy candy floss.
    4. Balance the candy floss on top of the glass so it does not make contact with the cocktail.

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